Ryan Layman, Owner

Introducing Ryan Layman, the maestro of music, the master of beats, and the unrivaled sensation behind the turntables. As the founder of Ohio DJ Pros, Cleveland’s premier event entertainment agency, Ryan has taken the DJ scene by storm and established himself as the epitome of excellence in his craft.

With an illustrious career spanning over a decade, Ryan has earned his reputation as one of the best DJ’s in North East Ohio. Specializing in wedding event entertainment, his company has become synonymous with unforgettable moments and unparalleled musical experiences throughout the state of Ohio. Time and time again, Ryan’s extraordinary talent and infectious energy have left guests in awe, ensuring that their special day is nothing short of magical. Don’t believe us? Go online and read what his clients are saying. 

Yet, Ryan’s capabilities extend far beyond weddings. He holds the prestigious role of DJing for the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium, a position he has proudly held for the past five years. His ability to read the crowd and curate a pulsating atmosphere has made him the go-to DJ for celebrities and athletes alike. From Steve Harvey and LeBron James to Stipe Miocic and Tina Fey, Ryan has graced stages and private events for some of the biggest names in the industry.

But his accolades don’t stop there. With an insatiable thirst for new experiences and global recognition, Ryan has taken his unmatched talent to nightclubs across the globe. From exotic locations like Hawaii, New York City, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, to major cities all over the United States, he has left a trail of electrified dance floors and euphoric crowds in his wake.

Ryan Layman, the name that resonates with pure musical prowess, has elevated the art of DJing to new heights. Blending seamless transitions, captivating rhythms, and an innate understanding of what drives people to move, he has mastered the art of turning any gathering into an unforgettable sonic journey.

Prepare to be captivated, energized, and transported by the undeniable charm and skill that only Ryan Layman can deliver. When it comes to DJing, he truly is the best.

Amber Purcell

Hi, I’m Amber, part of the Ohio DJ Pros operations team! Despite being a recent addition, my journey in the wedding scene started in 2017 as a local venue coordinator. Ohio DJ Pros has always been my preferred choice, and now I’m excited to be part of their team, ensuring your events are flawless! When not coordinating weddings, I’m managing home life – married with 5 boys (fun fact: 2 sets of twins!). Catch me cheering them on at sporting events or enjoying books, puzzles, crafts, and time with my amazing family and friends!

Mackenzie Clark

I started working for Ohio DJ Pros back in 2022 as Director of Operations and managing client files.  Being able to build relationships and creating smooth transitions for your event(s) is my favorite part of this job! Ohio DJ Pros not only is professional and cares for their clients but also their team & it makes working for this company nothing shy of amazing! I’m married to my high school sweetheart and I have two girls at home. Usually in my free time I’m facilitating play dates, doing house projects, spending time outside or cooking!


Starting his DJ journey in a small Kent, OH bar in 2013, DJ OK has been known to not only rock the party, but also be the party! Since the emergence of DJ OK, he has done several hundred weddings, he’s a resident dj at nightclubs such as MBar/Jerzees (North Canton), and Barley House (Cleveland). He is a regular headliner during the NFL’s Hall of Fame week in Canton, Ohio and is also one of the pregame DJs for the Cleveland Browns. Not only is DJ OK known to rock the party here in the United States, but he has also headlined clubs in Toronto, Ontario and Kampala, Uganda. In 2023, DJ OK took second place overall in Cleveland’s Barley House Spinfest, claiming his spot as one of Ohio’s marquee DJs.

When DJ OK is not rocking a party, he is spending time with his beautiful daughter, running his insurance brokerage, working on research for his pending doctorate in Project Management, or traveling!

Brian McDonald

Brian has been DJing for over 20 years. He started off in middle school DJing for his friend’s backyard parties and at the skating rink. He found success in the music industry DJing spinning at clubs in San Diego, California and Cleveland, Ohio.  

In 2009, he decided to leave the club scene and focus the private event industry. Word got quickly spread that he was a phenomenal wedding DJ and one wedding booking led to another. Brian realized he could still pursue his passion for music through entertainment for weddings and events.

Brian is regarded as one of the top wedding DJs in Cleveland and he currently does about 80-100 weddings per year.


Think of the most fun club you’ve ever been to but still safe enough to take your parents with you! Brian keeps parties going by mixing and blending songs together — a true DJ.  


Songs you love + Top40 + hip-hop + old school + country + electronic dance

Jake Albrecht

My name is Jake Albrecht (DJ Alby) and I’m an open-format DJ who joined the Ohio DJ Pros team in 2022. Based in Cleveland, OH, my experience in weddings, nightlife, sporting and private events in multiple different cities in and out of Ohio have shaped me into the DJ that I am today, one that is able to bring the energy and excitement to any and all dance floors, and your event could be next.


DJ Denicio’s journey in the world of music began with a pair of turntables and an idea to perform live. He’s a dynamic DJ and music enthusiast who’s been rocking the decks and filling dance floors for over 15 years. His stated purpose as a DJ goes beyond the turntables; it’s about creating lasting memories. He’s developed seamless mixing skills and the ability to read a crowd with a signature sound that blends the best of old-school classics with cutting-edge tracks. This versatility is what makes Denicio capable of adapting to any crowd and creating a memorable experience every time. His mission as a DJ is bringing people together on the dance floor through the power of music.

Darrell Newsom

My name Darrell Newsom aka DJ Rell E Rell, and I have been a DJ for over 33 years. I have been able to provide DJ and Entertainment

services for clients that includes corporate events, private events, weddings,birthday parties, graduation parties, night clubs and bars et al). I have also done many events virtually for people all over the country. 

I love making people feel good through music and creating a vibe by taking you on a musical journey!

Some of the notable events I have done: Official DJ for the University of Mount Union Men’s Basketball Team (6 Years currently), March of Dimes Fundraiser, Jack & Jill

Regional Conference, Great Lakes Regional Conference for Alpha Kappa Alpha

Sorority, Bowling Green State University Homecoming, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority

Incorporated Cleveland Chapter Voter Registration Drive, University of California

Merced Speaking Engagement, Beats for A Cure Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research.


Meet Cayden, a visionary wedding photographer and videographer, dedicated to crafting cinematic love stories. With an artistic eye and technical finesse, Cayden seamlessly blends the magic of photography and the allure of videography to create a multi-dimensional narrative for couples. Specializing in capturing the raw emotions and intimate moments, Cayden transforms weddings into captivating visual masterpieces. Armed with creativity and a passion for storytelling, Cayden is the architect behind cherished memories that unfold with every click and frame. Join Cayden on the journey to turn your special day into an everlasting cinematic celebration of love.

Michelle Dangerfield

DJ Michelle Dangerfield started spinning vinyl at clubs and festivals. Her passion began with records, yet she has evolved effortlessly, embracing the limitless creative capabilities digital music offers. A funky disco bass thumpin’ booty bumpin 0G Chicago style house dj at heart, this DJ is a versatile performer who’s charming personality and endless energy packs dance floors of all ages! Dj Dangerfield is a mother of four creative teens and a nationally represented fulltime entertainer! Her sound is seductive and reminiscent of vibes old and new. This DJ will bounce and celebrate with her audience from behind the decks like no other! She has a guilty pleasure for late 90’s and 00’s hip hop and ‘college’ club bangers!!


If you’re looking for a high-energy DJ, then look No More. Damon, aka DJ Dame, isn’t your average stand behind the booth type of DJ. His passion and love for getting people to dance shines as he also emcees from the dance floor. There’s no genre that he can’t tackle head on with a wide variety of songs to choose from. His attention to detail and professionalism helps things run smoothly. Damon is fun to be around, and his positive attitude is contagious. Your guess will be talking about your event long after your event is over.

Marcus Smith

Meet DJ Marcus Smith, the music maestro from Mentor, Ohio!  When he’s not rocking the crowd, you can find him in his music sanctuary, crafting and fusing beats like a culinary genius in the kitchen. 

Growing up in a home filled with musical influences, Marcus was introduced to a diverse range of genres at a young age and through that he has honed his signature sound. 

For Marcus, it’s all about setting the mood and surprising his audience with unexpected blends and mind-blowing mashups. Whether it’s seamlessly blending country with hip hop, R&B with rock, or any other genre fusion you can imagine, he’ll have you grooving and moving without even realizing it. 

So get ready to be drawn to the dancefloor, my friend! DJ Marcus is here to ignite the party and make your musical dreams come true. Let the beats take control and let your feet do the talking!


With 9 years of DJ experience, specializing in weddings for the past 4 years, I bring a unique blend of dedication and passion to every event. As a proud father of 5, including 4 amazing girls, I’m a true girl dad. Transitioning from a career as a jeweler and firefighter, I found my calling in creating unforgettable moments in the wedding atmosphere. My goal is to give the bride, groom, and their guests the best night of their lives through music and celebration. Let’s make your special day truly memorable!